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It is no longer a novelty that we swim in software applications that are superseded by a lot of features or functions. What should be extremely simple becomes overwhelming and tiring complex.

Excessive features turn an application into a difficult to use tool and, in fact, annoying for users. Feature creep is the name given to such a problem and refers to the agglomeration of the features of a clumping software that builds over a longer period of time when developers add different functions to an existing application simply because they can. They do this without asking if they really need it.

Due to the lack of attention, the application may become overloaded by functions, even during its development process. Bruce Lee’s speech: “Simplicity is the key to excellence.”

Here’s how you create a great app, in a very simple way:

How does the x function meet the user’s wishes or goals?

An application’s users have extremely precise purposes when using it. The deviation of developers from the “right path” towards going „downhill” is the point of collapse of many applications or programs.

Here’s a concrete example: if the app is designed to help users find great dealings, they make it easier for them to find coupons or promotions; do not hide them among irrelevant items. If users use the app to stay up to date with important information, then do not hide news items among pop-ups and a labyrinth of navigation to be deciphered by Lewis and Clark. What do you mean, who are Lewis and Clark? Wildlife Explorers!

Do you consider the needs and wishes of the majority or just those of the minority?

The development of a software application involves two categories of people: a large mass of users who ask for what they want, but they will not cause a big bust if they do not receive exactly what they want. Besides these, there is also a minority of users who will continue to complain, even if you offer them whatever they want. Know something? Ignore the latter! Focus your attention on the first group because they will require the functions and features they will really use.

Is there any easier way to put into practice the end goal of a certain function?

Before you add a new feature to your app, check it several times if it’s really necessary. For example, suppose you remember to add contact information for each department of your business – sales, marketing, administration, advertising, customer service etc. It would, however, be easier to include a link directly to your site’s contact page than to add a new content page within the app. This is just an example of how you can find an easier way to give users what they need without overloading the app.

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