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Updated: Dec 2, 2019

While still an effective source of customer engagement, mouth-to-mouth marketing has also been perpetuated in the online virtual space.

And not only it has been perpetuated, but has also witnessed a massive and ever-increasing involvement of the modern users of various services and products.

Brand pages full of harsh comments or eulogies meant to inspire as many as possible to buy as much as possible, emojis expressing gratitude and joy or nervousness and disappointment – that is what we can observe with the naked eye whenever we’re online. And no matter whether we realize it or not, this kind of impulse works wonderfully on our subconscious.

When we are in a store or even when we are tempted to buy products online, we call (most of the time without a link) to memory:

“It seems like X has bought from there !, I remember that Y said there were interesting stuff out there !, Z recommended me the product so I’ll take his word for it.”

The list of examples may continue but I know that you immediately understood what kind of remembrance I was referring to.

This is the kind of impulse you need to get into your audience’s head. And because suggestion helps to increase visibility, and recommendations definitely contributes to the sales process, do you know what your brand followers are saying about you?

If your business is present online, extra-attention needs to be paid to reviews that may appear like from nowhere. Extra-attention isn’t strictly necessary for those negative reviews that need a tactical, logical and well-defined follow-up, but must be extended even to those good words that should never be left without a reply, without a thank-you , without encouragement.

Call on communication specialists to create and maintain a close relationship with your audience and encourage your team to communicate consistently and efficiently.

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