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Maybe you have heard about the MVP that designates the Minimum Viable Product for a software system. Let’s discover together what it’s all about and what connection exists between MVP and offline / online marketing:

A minimum viable product is a development technique through which a product is developed with a minimum of features yet sufficient to attract the original customers.

MVP is the most simplistic version of a product, and through early marketing (offline or online marketing services), entrepreneurs can collect valuable information that will guide the development of the end product with all its complete features. Obviously, the end product with its full set of features will be of superior quality as a result of designing and analyzing the feedback received from the original users (due to this technique).

There are a number of reasons why software developers choose the MVP method to develop their products / services:

  • The MVP allows testing of initial assumptions with minimum financial and time investments.

  • MVP allows a better market knowledge and supports programmers in implementing ideas faster.

  • The MVP strengthens enough evidence that the project in question would have a marketplace before investing considerable amounts of money and time in the project.

  • MVP supports the development of IT solutions in creating a product in line with the trends and user requirements.

Stages of MVP development:

Explaining the needs / requirements of a product

Any product on the market satisfies a need or fulfills a buyer’s requirement. Prior to writing the first line of code and even before setting the software development process trajectory, it is necessary to identify and articulate the needs to be met by the project in question. In addition, it is recommended that the project has features that raise it above existing alternatives.

Testing the resilience of market assumptions

This step involves introducing the idea from ​​point 1 into the market. This can be done through interviews or studies. Basically, in simple terms, it’s about contacting users who will become customers and finding out what they think about the whole concept.

Establish a product delivery process

Now is the time when the process of delivering the product to the final customers is outlined. This involves establishing each activity from the beginning to the end, and a chart is the ideal way to sketch the activity. This step will also support the refinement of the MVP idea so that it can be sold in the most effective way to the target.

Making a list with the essential features of the final software product Development and distribution of MVP

This list will include the most important features except those that are unclear. Feedback from initial customers or from beta testers will guide the process.

Development and distribution of MVP

Upon completion of the preparatory steps, the team of software development professionals will finally write the code and distribute the product to the target customers. The target must, of course, also receive various methods to provide feedback, given that feedback is the primary purpose of using the MVP method of software application development.

The feedback provided by the target is to be analyzed and the beneficial ideas will be introduced into the final product’s architecture so that the latest version is successfully received on the market.

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