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                                                                                             Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

These Mobile App & Desktop WebApp Source Code Standard Terms and Conditions written on this webpage shall manage your use of this source code. These Terms will be applied fully and affect to your use of this source code. By using this source code, you agreed to accept all terms and conditions written in here. You must not use this source code if you disagree with any of these Website Standard Terms and Conditions.

Minors or people below 18 years old are not allowed to use this Mobile App & Desktop Web App source and this website

2. Intellectual Property Rights

Standard  License:

- Used, by you or one client, in a single end product, then a regular licence is what you need.

- You may charge your client for your services to create an end product, even under the Standard License. But you Can’t use the Standard License on Multiple Clients or Multiple Jobs.

-You have to Re-skin the Mobile&Web App depending of the license you have chosen.

 Note to freelancers and creative agencies:

You may charge your client for your services to create an end product, even under the Regular License. But you can’t use one of our Standard Licenses on multiple clients or jobs.

Extended License:

 -You can Sell and Make any number of copies of the Mobile&Web App Source Code. 

 -You don’t have to Re-skin the App and you can use our provided  Web&MobileApp mockup designs.

 -For an extended license you have to contact us by sending an email to one of  contact listed on our website.

Other than the content you own and depending the license you have choose, under these Terms,  and/or its licensors own all the intellectual property rights and materials contained in this Website.

You are granted limited license only for purposes of viewing the material contained on this Website.

3. Restrictions

You are specifically restricted from all of the following:

  • publishing any material in any other media;

  • selling, sublicensing and/or otherwise commercializing any Website material;

  • publicy performing and/or showing any Website material;

  • using this source code  in any way that is or may be damaging to this Website;

  • using this this source code and this Website in any way that impacts user access to this Website;

  • using this source code and Website contrary to applicable laws and regulations, or in any way may cause harm to the Website, or to any person or business entity;

  • engaging in any data mining, data harvesting, data extracting or any other similar activity in relation to this Website;

  • using this Website to engage in any advertising or marketing.

Certain areas of this Website are restricted from being access by you and may further restrict access by you to any areas of this Website, at any time, in absolute discretion. Any user ID and password you may have for this Website are confidential and you must maintain confidentiality as well.

4. Refund policy:

We  are not offering any kind of refund after you have purchased and downloaded the source code. 

Note to buyers:

The source code needs a few adjustments and changes like: deploy on your preferred server,  re-skin the mobile and web app, depending of the license you have been chosen, modify IOS app api’s, implement preferred payment service provider. The desktop app needs minor changes for being mobile optimised and for a proper mobile user experience. Minor bug’s it might occur, but nothing that could affect the smooth work flow of the mobile and desktop web app.

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