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     Dear entrepreneurs, in the following lines I will present you the benefits of taking over this business, my story, the concept of the business, general description of the Online Store, general and technical details of the Mobile & Web App.

My story: 

    Born in Romania, 38 years old, convinced entrepreneur with several businesses developed in different fields, passionate about innovation, technology and electronic music.

     For about 4 years I have owned and run an IT company, focused on the development of mobile  and web apps.


    Last year, following some family events that I am convinced many of you went through, fuelled by the political environment and toxic business environment in my country, I decided to close the activity of the company.

     The last product we have developed with my team, was this mobile and web / desktop application. The mobile app was going to be released on the market in partnership with a few investors, but unfortunately for me, the personal and financial problems of the investors made them give up.

     Thus I remained with the developed mobile & web app and without the necessary resources to put the app on the market.

    Disappointed with the mentality of those who lead my country and the loss of hope in a decent future that will feed my desire for evolution and entrepreneurship in my own country, I have decided to leave my native country with my life partner and focus all my resources and power to fulfill my passion and dream as a child, to attend the school of electronic music producers in Valencia.

   Recently, I managed to implement the whole business concept that you are reading and I am convinced that it will give the new owner countless benefits and satisfactions.

    In short, I would like to hand over this mobile app business and idea to a person who has the time, will and vision to continue and enjoy the passive income that can be obtained from the countless ways to use or sell the mobile / web app source code plus all other turnkey tools that accompany it.

Social media account of the business that i’ve owned:

Cristian, I


- Use the source code to develop an online directory&listing and mobile business in the hospitality  domain. The current mobile&web app is also designed for the listing of restaurants. More details can be found in the description  of the app below in the section of general and technical details.

- Use the source code as a portfolio. Study the source code and re-implement it according to your own or your client's vision. We all know how important the portfolio is to win the trust of a potential client.

- Modify the app design for almost any type of business: hotel listing, medical office listing, real estate listing, service listing, club listing, event room listing, different service listing, local business listing, local manufacturer listing, points of interest listing , plus many other businesses that will sooner or later  the power and benefits of marketing through the use of mobile and web apps.

- Obtaining governmental funds or other types of structural funds.

- Use the mobile and web app as MVP to showcase to the investors the potential of your business idea. Save over 1200+ hours for the development of this kind of

mobile and web app, thus focusing on others necessary for business development and to understand the market and the needs of consumers. The time gained is invaluable for anyone who intends to start an online and mobile business.

- Sell the source code on the Automated Online Store that we created specifically for the sale of the mobile and desktop/web app source code. This online store contains all the necessary to obtain a consistent long-term passive income. Complete package starting from the description of the app features, benefits, automatic download, app testing, blog with articles, contact form, explanatory videos, terms and conditions of use of the downloaded source code, "chat with us" plugin, social media.

- Sell the source code on different specialized sites like Envato, Codester, Fivver and many more. Once uploaded on these sites you will get a consistent passive long-term income.

- Sell the source code on different social media channels for which we have already created the necessary accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest. To make it even easier to sell the source code, we have created different marketing materials, specially designed to attract the attention of the buyer.

The possibilities to make a profit are countless besides those listed.



- Exponentially reduce the costs of such a project and save over 1200+ hours needed to develop this kind type of mobile and web/desktop app, which would normally cost you at least $ 24,000 at a minimum price of $ 20 / hr.

- Turnkey business implemented and designed for short and long term profit.

- clean and well organized source code.

- multiple features necessary for a simple user experience, already implemented.

- the mobile 7 web app was designed and developed with the subsequent possibility of adding new functions.

- minimum maintenance costs.

- tested everything for the operation of the app, a good workflow of the site, downloading the package, sending messages, generating invoices, etc.



This App simplifies the process of searching for food and places that tourists may frequent on their trips and trips, focusing their attention not on the locations themselves, but on what they would like to eat or drink.

Also, the simplistic content of the app emphasizes the need for the tourist to find information quickly, without browsing websites and dozens of culinary items.

All the simplistic content and the lack of hundreds / thousands of reviews will greatly ease the tourist's choice regarding culinary testing and will not influence it at all, allowing it to be subjective and courteous, to try without being told what and why.


       What is most important, is that the app does not only meet the primary need of the culinary tourist, but of any tourist looking to experiment, try or simply eat something.

The attention being removed from the premises itself and focused on what can be tried there, brings the tourist face to face with his basic need: to eat.

Thus, it does not matter if you discover a dish or drink in a Michelin-starred restaurant or in a traditional winery in a certain neighborhood, it is important to try and taste what you have discovered within the application.

Another need to which the app responds is the need for positive and cheap advertising of all the owners of premises in the world. The lack of reviews from the app guarantees no

not only the constant component of advertising, but also its positivity.

The only positive advertising that can be purchased with only One dollar per product is the dream of any hospitality business entrepreneur.

Thus, the app also covers this segment and thus guarantees both its scalability and efficient monetization.



- Transparency (product prices will be displayed)

- Filtering and simplifying information

- The speed of obtaining information

- The personal and intimate character conferred by the specific of the application

- Monitoring history

- Information storage

- The mobile app will be able to include information resources existing at this time only sifted into materials such as articles, individual posts, journals, etc.

- Working on the basis of visual curiosity and as a huge Instagram-type photo director, the app can cause visual dependence (continuous scrolling without target, not necessarily)

- The mobile application can generate consistent and constant income

- Low exposure costs in the app can speed up registrations and allow the number of exponents to increase.



- Exclusively positive advertising

- Permanent presence in the database of the registered product

- Minimum costs

- The possibility of introducing as many products

- The possibility to purchase "advertising space" (the product will appear on the main page)

- Access to information about the products and prices of the competition (tacit benefit)



- The app will work as a database that will focus to the user's attention on dishes from around the world.

- The app will be Free

- The user will be authenticated either with the Facebook profile, or with the email address and password

- The main page of the app will host a number of 30 dishes / drinks. They will be able to be “rented” with x dollars / day.

- If there will be no 30 exponents to rent space on the main page, then they will be set randomly.

- Once clicked on a certain food / drink, the name of the restaurant where it can be served, the price at which it is offered, the content of the punctual or included food in a short description (no word limit), the complete address is displayed. (country, city, street, etc.) of the place where food and GPS can be served in order to obtain guidance to reach the location

- One kind of food / drink can have up to 3 photos uploaded

- On the results page, the dishes / drinks will appear accompanied by the main picture, description, the icons that will determine the category in which that type of food / drink can be included (only after clicking on that picture they will complete data could be viewed: all pictures, address, city, country, price, etc.)


       It was created with the purpose of distributing and selling the source code to third parties interested in purchasing it or to be used in the development of a single end product.

Everything has been automatised  so you can only make the desired changes that feeds your vision to attract more customers.

      To create this online store i have used  WIX website builder platform . This platform offers all the tools necessary for maintaining the site in optimal conditions, from secured website, payments, easy navigation, statistics,  generation of invoices and functions related to SEO optimization and online marketing. The monthly costs are extremely low,  monthly cost of the premium subscription being only $25.

The Online Store has the following characteristics:

- High rated domain

- Optimized for mobile

- SEO optimized content

- Shop

- Product Download 

- Generating invoices

- Discounts

- App testing

- Blog

- Chat with us plugin

- Contact form

- Social media

- Terms and conditions

Users Mobile App Features ok.png
Admin and Backend API Features.png

For further details, I will answer you in private.

Success to all entrepreneurs in all areas in developing their own businesses!


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