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This construction is the mantra of any Facebook page manager who aims to raise the quality of the his customer’s posts.

Here’s what you need to know about the images you choose to use on your Facebook business page:

  1. Use ORIGINAL images! Provide photos taken at your location, your team, the mountains of paper that emphasize your effort, your team’s mascot if there is one, the first coffee of the day at your office, and so on on. It is very important that you make your audience really feel part of the activity you are doing, feel an integral part of the team because, after all, thanks to the Likes they give you, they kinda are!

  2. Always use SOURCE! If you choose to use pictures taken at random from Google, mention where you get them from! It is better if you don’t use someone else’s material, not just because you can suffer real penalties, but also because you throw under the bus the honesty that your business should prove. Intellectual theft is a reality in the world of marketing and, trust us, it doesn’t do favor to anyone. If you feel slightly anxious, consider the recommendation in point 1.

  3. Determine which is your MAIN PUBLIC! Why? To know exactly which tone and approach you should use! Why? To be able to generate the most effective texts for the layouts that you will need to use at a given time. When talking about images, we do not just summarize at those simple photos taken with your phone or camera. We also refer to those structured images with a special design that you can use to deliver the most diverse information (from services, products, prices, offers, etc.). For this kind of images, we recommend you, however, to get the help of a designer.

These are the basic notions you must acquire when you know for sure that you want to offer high quality to get good results on Facebook. The images you use will speak to your audience if you choose to work as professionally as possible.

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