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Native Mobile ANDROID & IOS App Source Code with PHP Web App, Backend & Api’s

*Used, by you or one client, in a single end product, then a regular licence is what you need.

Please read the Terms and Conditions!

Why  should  you   buy  this
mobile  app  source  code ?

A small investment to bring your business concept to Life!

Directory & Listing Mobile apps are on the rise and going mobile NOW,  it’s the perfect MOMENT!
Start your MobileApp business in your city and grow slowly to Country Level or even Global recognised Mobile App Service Provider.
This source code is a lucky ticket to start earning passive income from countless types of business models.
Whenever you will use this source code, that will make you a long time passive income!

Sell it on different market places;

Reskin the app and multiply your income;

Develop it for your client or multiple clients;

Use it to Start your Mobile App Company;

Use it as a Portfolio;

Use it for your final IT School Project.

You Will Save 1200+ of hours for your mobile App & Backend development that would normally cost you

at least $36000 at a minimum market price of $30/h.

It was developed with a team of 8 in house developers. 

You can check the company profile who build this quality source code on this link:

  • Facebook
Web_Dashboard_Dashboard - Featured Resta

Buy this mobile app source code and you'll get all of these:

Welcome_Search Results with one promoted
  • Full high quality Native Mobile Application with WebAPP APIs & Backend;

  • Full Native Android Source Code developed in Android Studio;

  • Full Native IOS source code developed in SWIFT;

  • Two different Mobile App U.I. graphic designs;

  • Focused on High Quality UX/UI;

  • PHP 5.5 WebApp script, designed using the Latest Laravel, Bootstrap, MySql software version;

  • Clean & Well Organised Source Code;

  • Multiple Functionalities needed for a smooth user experience, already implemented;

  • Unlimited restaurants, food category, sub category;

  • Countless Business types for the Mobile & Web App Source Code ;

  • Different income opportunities;

  • Endless development possibilities;

  • You can change the source code for a different Business Model. EX: Hotels Listing, Real Estate Agency, Local Food Suppliers, House Cleaning or any other business that will eventually find the power of the mobile app marketing strategy;

  • Modern and Comprehensive Directory & Listing PHP script;

  • The app was developed with the possibilities of adding new features;

  • Fully Responsive Design, with focused attention to details and high quality Mockups.

Take a look at the fully loaded source code list with key features:

Web App features:

  • logging / logging functionality

  • registration functionality - password reset functionality (requires linking the application to an email server, eg G-Suite or Microsoft)

  • add / delete new restaurants with descriptive information, operating program, address, presentation images

  • listing restaurants

  • view restaurant statistics

  • quick statistics: a) how many people saw the restaurant displayed, b) how many people asked to display the location in google maps

  • product listing

  • adding new products

  • publication of added products

  • promotion of published products

  • listing of promoted products

  • adding / removing products from promoted for a certain period

  • payment history

  • account settings

  • email feedback (requires the application to be linked to an email server, eg G-Suite or Microsoft)

  • payment produced through PayPal (the method is only partially implemented and cannot be used in the demo) for the public

Web_Login_Forgot Password
Add a new restaurant - Step 1
Add a new restaurant - Step 2
Add a new restaurant - Step 3
Dashboard - All Restaurants
Featured Restaurants
Restaurants Statistics
Food_Products List
Food_Product details
Add a new product
Feature a product
MyAccount_Payment History
MyAccount settings

See the Admin Web App Live in Action by accessing this link :

You will be redirected to admin/login page, where you can use the following credentials: 


     Password:  123123

Or you can test it by creating a new account.

Backend API's features:


  • logging in

  • password reset

  • get listings of products from my area / respectively the 3 closest areas (one area represents a county / state / e - surprise me (like the list above but no category is taken into account)

  • add / delete products from the favourites list

  • display my list of favourite products

  • updates my list of favourite products

  • get all categories (breakfast, lunch etc)

  • get the list of countries for planning a 'food trip'

  • choose the city after choosing the country for 'food a trip'

  • get the list of products available by city and food category

  • search function by city, keyword and or type of food

  • get your own list of "food trips"

  • add / delete / update products from the "chosen food trip"

  • remove a destination from "food trips"

  • ping

  • restaurant view update (it will be called automatically when a user sees a product from a restaurant

  • update location request (it will be called automatically when a user asks to go to a certain restaurant)

Users Mobile App features:

  • login / register / reset password

  • selection of type of food by category

  • surprise me

  • search for food by keyword

  • listing of products and products promoted according to the distance from the position where I am (GPS position is used)

  • listing restaurant information + logo + pictures of a product

  • choice "get me there" ... which inserts the GPS position of the restaurant in google maps and can be done directly by navigating to the destination.

  • adding product to favourites 

  • planning a "food trip" by selecting a country / city / food category. google maps presentation and navigation to it)

  • how many people added the restaurant to favourites with publication, ie their promotion / statistics / etc depending on the country) in order of distance from me (requires GPS position)

Search Results with promoted food
Search Results
Plan a food trip-Screen 3-Your trip
Plan a food trip-Screen 2-Food categ
Plan a food trip-Screen 1-Country
Welcome_One specific food page
Welcome Screen
After Registration-Screen 2 -
After Registration-Screen 1 -
Welcome_Change Password_edited

Remember these things for the fastest path to Success of your app:

Search for a professional email service provider

By adding these ingredients to your software, you’ll be even further ahead from the moment you bought the source code.

The most important thing is that you can now  build your own mobile app startup or software company, without coding at all, just with a few well guided steps and trust in your own capabilities to succeed . 


Don’t Worry if you don’t have the technical background, it will not hold you back.

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